Envisioned as the iconic anchor and landmark center of the Towson University West Village precinct, the new West Village Commons forges connections within the precinct, university community, and beyond. Organized around a central atrium, the building communicates the spirit and energy of the campus, offering a vibrant, inviting space, both inside and out. Exterior terraces and dining areas integrate the building with the site and promote interaction between the commons and the village’s main quad. The exterior expression of the commons, the design of the interior gathering spaces, and the open, multi-floor circulation core—in concert with materials and finishes selection—all play significant roles in breathing life into the facility and making students feel at home.

"I think [West Village Commons] is a beautifully designed building that our students and university community will really enjoy." – Joe Oster, Vice President of Administration and Finance/CFO, Towson University


  • Retail food court, board dining, convenience store
  • Large multipurpose special event space, meeting rooms, offices, lounges, fitness studio
  • Green roof terrace for special events
  • LEED Gold Certified